HWA Foster Friends

What We're About: 

You just became a foster parent! You are so excited! The room is ready, the bed is made and you’re ready and waiting for the call! Any minute the phone will ring and you will go to pick up a bright-eyed little girl who just turned eight or a 5-year-old boy who needs a home. The phone rings, your heart races! Could it be? You answer the phone and your smile turns into a frown as you hear the news; twins, newborn twins. Can you take them? Yes, of course yes. Pick them up when? Today? Um… yes… You hang up the phone and frantically look around the room you have prepared. You have no diapers, no clothes, or toys. There is no crib in the corner or car seats installed in the car and you just said yes to taking on not one but two newborn babies.

It sounds drastic but it happens all the time. So, what would you do in this situation? Run to the store and try to scrounge up what you think you might need? We know how stressful it is being a foster parent and rushing around the store at 10 o’clock at night is not the first experience you need or the child needs. That’s where HWA Foster Friends comes in. We are a ministry of His Way Assembly of God, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization here to help. We are on a mission to love our foster families well.  We provide the necessities to make those first two or three days go easier. From diapers and car seats for the little ones, school supplies and basic hygiene for the school age kids, and everything in between, we have it. Let us help you, because your job is important.


Our Services:

Each foster family gets our basic startup kit which includes a diaper bag or backpack, clothing set, car seat or booster (as available), sleeper set, and credits for some of our bigger items.


Just Received A New Placement?

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